Australian scientists explore spinal fluid to find the reasons for pain

December 8, 2017 - By Vivian Currie

Researchers from Australia are going to find out the reasons for chronic pain by making tests on spinal fluid. It will be a novel pilot exam. Experts are optimistic. They hope this new research can open the key to a more successful treatment of pain.

This project is organized and funded by the Research Foundation of New Zealand and Australian College of Anesthetists.
According to the official statistics, one of the five people in Australia under the 65 years old lives with the pain which is chronic. Meanwhile, the cause of the pain and the perfect treatment for it is still a mystery to scientists. The head of Innovation at the University of Adelaide, Paul Rolan, the Professor, says that this situation has to be changed as soon as it is possible.
He believes that while there are a lot of patients with chronic pains, treatment prescribed by doctors, works only on half of them. A lot of patients experience unwanted effects after the treatment which can’t even help them.
Professor Rolan is very optimistic about the new experiment. He says it can find the way to treat patients with better effect and at least some good results.
Rolan teamed up with his colleague from Flinders University, Professor Rainer Haberberger to lead this study. According to them, it will take 2 years. During this time, they will examine 30 chronic cases. Patients who agreed to take part in tests experience severe pain, and simple pills are not already enough to calm it down. They need constant medication.
Scientists are going to extract exosomes from cells in the brain, which is also present in the spinal fluid. They can’t work with such material inside the brain, despite the ability to make many different images of the head. They can’t examine cells in the brain without disturbing natural processes there.

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