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George K. Lopez

Email: editor@weeklyhub.com

George is a newsletter provider, investor, and advisor. His main focus is REITs and value. He prefers to make investments in real estate.

He is a strategist, who writes for prestigious magazines. His latest research is REITs lists. George is a shareholder himself. In his free time, he prefers to write advices for investors.

He appeared in many financial magazines and media like CNN and Fox. According to the Alpha Top rank, he is number 1 analyst.

George has also an author of a book about political life in his country: The Factor of President. The book was named a bestseller in 2015.

He has his BS in Economics from Virginia University.

Paul M. Sandell

Associate Editor

Paul is an investor. He is a founder and the head of his own company Paul M. Sandell Inc. The company is mainly focused on investment opportunities and financial growth of their clients. He is an active member of financial forums.

Phillip P. Russel


Phillip describes himself as a teacher. He says that it is his duty to liberate investors from darkness and chains of unqualified knowledges. He is ready to teach metric awareness which will help to form own opinions.

He is a retail investor. And he loves to gather information, analyzing it. He usually publish his analytical reviews in articles.

According to Phillip, it is the data that talks itself. He is just a messenger.

Scott E. Albers


Scott is a blogger. He is a famous financial journalist. In the past, Scott was awarded with two prestigious writers awards.

He writes about real estate problems and home finances. Once he worked as an editor for local business newspaper.

His main focus is protected inflation treasury securities. He believes that this area is very underused and underappreciated. He has been investor in this area for more than a decade.